Ph.D.   The American University, Washington, D.C.
Major: Philosophy
M.A.   State University of New York at Buffalo
Major: Humanities
M.L.S.   Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.
Major: Library and Information Science
B.A.   State University of New York at Buffalo
Major: Philosophy

Teaching Experience

  • Library Faculty/Reference: John C. Pace Library, University of West Florida, February 2003 to May 2013.
  • Library Reference: Broward County Library System, Florida, August 2000 to February 2003.
  • Philosophy Faculty: Full-time, tenured, Urbana University of Ohio. September 1987 to August 2000. Promoted to Full Professor May 2000. Promoted to Associate Professor and received tenure in May 1993.
  • Teaching Award: Award for teaching excellence at Urbana University of Ohio, from Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education in 1997.

Academic Areas

19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy
Ethics, Social/Political Philosophy
History of Philosophy
List of courses taught
Ethics - Historical and Applied
Political Philosophy
Philosophy of the Person
Nature of Language
Age of Reason/Enlightenment - Interdisciplinary
Introduction to Philosophy (as Philosophical Anthropology, and as Historical/Thematic)
Philosophy of Psychology
Interdisciplinary Studies

Administration Experience

  • Head of Reference: John C. Pace Library, University of West Florida, Winter 2009 to Winter 2010.
  • Assistant Head of Reference: John C. Pace Library, University of West Florida, Spring 2005 to Winter 2009.
  • Acting Head of Reference: John C. Pace Library, University of West Florida, Fall Semester, 2007.
  • Curriculum Development: Designed, with Dr. Scott Fisher, and implemented Urbana University's Liberal Studies major, 1993. Designed and implemented Urbana University's Communications major, 1989. Refined and developed Urbana University's Philosophy major, 1988.
  • Chairperson for the Division of Humanities: Urbana University of Ohio. September 1988 to June 1990.
  • Assistant to the Dean of Continuing Education: Full-time, Coppin State College, Baltimore, Maryland. September 1986 to September 1987.