Book review by Helen Fielding of Douglas Low’s Merleau-Ponty's Last Vision: A Proposal for the Completion of The Visible and the Invisible.


"What [Low] does succeed in providing is a systematic commentary and a rich integration of Merleau-Ponty's later philosophy.”"

"Low differs from most Merleau-Ponty scholars in his assumption that there is no significant break between the earlier Phenomenology of Perception, where Merleau-Ponty carefully worked out his descriptions of embodied perception, and the later work that lays out the ontology. Indeed, one accomplishment of Low's book is to show how they fit together, explaining how the insights of the first work are necessary for grounding the ontology Merleau-Ponty began to work out in the later one."

Journal of the History of Philosophy
Volume 40.1, 2002
Helen Fielding
Pages 134-135